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3 Things that Make Summer Sports Camp Great

What makes a summer sports camp great? This is one of the many questions parents should consider when selecting from the wide variety of summer camps available in their area. Here in the Washington, DC, metro area, we know there are many options—from sports camps, to Lego camps, to cooking camps and everywhere in between—so we’ll try to tackle the question “What makes a summer camp great?” as it pertains to all kinds of camps!

First and foremost, safety. Is the location of camp safe? Are the facilities properly equipped? Does the summer sports camp educate their staff on emergency procedures, fire drills, etc.? These are just a sampling of questions you should consider when evaluating a summer sports camp.

Koa’s Multisport Camp is proudly accredited by the American Camp Association, State of Maryland, Montgomery County. To receive these accreditations, safety needs to be a top priority. This means all of the aforementioned questions are addressed by our Program Director. All of our summer sports camp staff is background checked, familiarized with our emergency procedures, and run through multiple trainings with our Program Director. Safety is our number 1 priority here at Koa Multisport camp, and we think that’s the first step towards making our summer sports camp great.

Secondly, the staff. We’ve already mentioned that Koa Sports background checks and fully trains their staff members, but what else sets good summer sports camp staff apart from bad summer sports camp staff?

It starts with energy. We look for summer camp staff who have worked with kids, who have a background in sports, and who are HIGH ENERGY. This means they’ve got a smile on their face and some pep in their step from drop-off in the morning to pick-up in the afternoon. Part of what makes a summer sports camp great is having staff who get involved in their campers’ day, who make sure the activities are safe and fun, and who know how to set the tone for the entire camp day. At Koa Multisport Camp, we take hiring seriously. We make sure that each and every one of our summer sports camp staffers meet this criteria, and that SAFETY and FUN are their top priorities!

Last, but certainly not least, the plan. What’s the plan when the campers show up in the morning? Do they have a designated meeting point? Are their groups settled out for them? Have they met their coaches? Are their schedules set? What is the plan?

Here at Koa, we have a dedicated full-time staff member who serves as the Summer Camp Program Director. He is, to put it simply, the man with the plan. The Program Director and the rest of the summer sports camp team put in hours and hours of work before summer sports camp starts to make sure that each and everyday is planned out for the campers. This means campers and staffers know what they’re doing with their day, they know what team they’re on, their schedule is clear and simple. They have a plan! This keeps the day safe, fun, and high energy.

We work hard at Koa to make our summer sports camp great—so we hope to see you on the field this summer!