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When Life is Fair

Have you ever heard these phrases?

“Life isn’t fair.”

“Play with the hand you are dealt.”

“There will always be someone bigger, better, richer, etc…and there will always be someone smaller, less talented, poorer, and worse off.”

“That’s the way the cookie crumbles.”

I could keep going, and there are a million euphemisms of this simple message — LIFE IS NOT FAIR! However, I have found a place, a sacred place where LIFE IS FAIR!

For those of you who know me well, or have been reading my blog, you understand my passion for basketball, and how I have gravitated to the sport ever since I graduated from college. Let me paint you a picture of my ‘Ah-Ha’ moment.

It was a Thursday night around 9:52 pm. I was at BCC HS in the auxiliary gym and my four “Koa Family” teammates and I had just lost our game 18-16 (we play to 18). It was an intense, hard fought game, but the other team was just a little better than us during that contest. So the game ends, and what happens?

The other team who is waiting to play says, “We only have 3, need 2!” So the 5 “losers” (including myself) all get a chance to make an unguarded three pointer to earn the way to play in the next game. Now I regard myself as a decent shooter, so I’m feeling pretty good about my chances to play in the next game. The first guy shoots, makes it. The second guy shoots, makes it. The third guy shoots, misses and the fourth guy misses.

Then I shoot — the ball goes in and out.  A miss.  Next, I did what most 31 year olds do a little before 10 pm on a Thursday night, I walk over to my gym bag and reached for my iPhone. But before I touched my phone, I stopped and realized what had just happened. All was right in the world for a few minutes.

-Tony Korson, CEO 06/21/15