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The Importance of Never Giving Up

This past weekend, the University of Maryland’s men’s basketball team played an incredible game against Northwestern University. The final score of 68-67 suggests that the two teams might have been neck and neck the entire game—however, this is far from the case. The Terps were behind Northwestern for the entire game save for the last 3 minutes. After the first half UMD was down by 14 points; later, with roughly 4 minutes left, they were still down but by a slightly smaller margin of 11 points. What the Terps were able to pull off in those final minutes was not due to luck or magic (that’s saved only for the Wizards), but to perseverance and an inability to give up.

A team that can rally back against their opponents late in the game is a team built on a foundation of motivation, dedication and support. Not only does it demonstrate profound individual strength, but, most importantly, it also highlights the collective determination among teammates. Never giving up is based as much on the mentality of the individual as it is on the mentality of the whole.

If you feel you’re having an off day or not playing your best, so what? That happens! The beauty of playing on a team means that you have others around who can pick you up and support you. It is when you realize that you play for your team and not only for yourself that you are finally able to keep your head up against adversity and achieve the unthinkable even when it seems impossible.

UMD was able to score 16 points in under 4 minutes and limit their opponents to only two baskets during that time. With 1.06 seconds left, the Terps scored the game-winning basket and then basked in the sweet glory of their comeback. As said before, some might think that win was due to luck, but when a team decides they will never give up, no luck is needed— cause they’ve got drive on their side!