Koa Sports

That Final Push

With basketball season wrapping up, we at Koa thought it would be a great time to discuss giving that end-of-the-season final push.

Sports seasons generally range from 2 to 5 months, discounting off-season training.  And while being in-season lasts for a fraction of the year, it is easy to become both physically, as well as mentally, exhausted in those final few weeks of play.

From non-stop practices to constant high-intensity games, athletes are required to endure a great deal while consistently performing to the best of their abilities.  Now we aren’t saying that sports are hard so giving up near the end is ok; we merely want to explain that it is understandable for that original fervor and drive you have at the beginning of the season may wane after months of dedicated hard work. However, what makes a great athlete is the ability to push past the depletion of energy and end the season with passion.

What separates someone who merely participates in sports from a person destined to be a remarkable athlete is the ability to give that final push.  It shows intensity and mettle when you are able to persevere past your internal point of collapse and play those final games as if each were the season opener.  Think of yourself as a sportier version of Bill Murray in Groundhog Dag—every day you wake up, you haven’t grown any older, the days before haven’t worn you down and you can take on each game as if no time has passed!  Well, maybe don’t pretend you’re in Groundhog Day because that would get rather monotonous after some time, but the overarching idea still stands.