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Social Distancing Procedures For Youth Summer Camps

Summer Camp Potomac MD

KOA Sports is happy to announce that our Indoor Training Facility has opened as of 6/22 of this year! The pandemic has impacted most families in many ways, and we understand that at this point your child may be in desperate need of some fun and spending time with friends. We can assure you that in the settings we provide, children will remain safe distances apart and are not permitted to join if they fail to use a protective mask. Please read here about our social distancing procedures for youth Summer Camp Potomac, MD

What will be different about youth summer camps at KOA Sports this year?

This year, we are enforcing strict safety guidelines so that every player and the family members they live with can remain safe with minimal exposure. We are following regulations set forth by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), in addition to state-wide requirements for Maryland county and Montgomery County. The safety of this community and those who live in it is our top priority during this time. A few safety guidelines that you may not have seen before at KOA Sports Summer Camps include:

  • Parents must complete a COVID-19 Screening Form for their child
  • Coaches and staff receive routine temperature screenings
  • All players and coaches are to remain six feet apart at all times
  • No spectators are permitted at the Indoor Training Facility (but we will be offering live streaming for parents)
  • Face coverings that are sufficiently protective must be worn consistently
  • Cleaning and disinfection of KOA equipment will be performed by staff between each group


My child wants to play basketball this year, will there be new rules? 

Yes, if you plan to have your child join an activity at our Indoor Training Facility, then there are a few rules that they will have to follow. For example, if your child is playing basketball then they must bring their own basketball to a session. Unfortunately, due to risk of transmission between players, KOA Sports will not be supplying basketballs for general use. Each player must choose one basket to play from, and not share with someone who does not live in their same household. Every session will be limited to 6-12 players maximum and 2 trainers.

How can I register my kid for camp? 

You can register your son or daughter for KOA Sports Social Distancing Summer Camps through SI Play (Register Here!). Once you complete the registration process and submit payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you from SI Play. Before your child can play sports, you must submit a camper health form. You will receive more information a week prior to the camp session, such as what to bring, weekly schedule, and directions.

KOA Sports priotizes your child’s health. We hope that as a parent, you feel more comfortable knowing that your son or daughter is safely participating in one of the various activities we offer. Whether you are interested in indoor activities at our training facility, or hosting in the backyard of your home, please call KOA Sports today for more information! 

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