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Multisport Summer Camp Week 3

Mulitsport Camp Week 3: 7/12/2021 - 7/16/2021

Koa Families,
After taking last week off, we were thrilled to get back in action this past week. As we get ready for session four next week, let’s recap the fun activities our campers participated in session three!

Tennis baseball

When Rafael Nadal meets Juan Soto. Tennis baseball is a great way to combine the equipment of tennis with the rules of baseball to create a favorite activity among Koa campers. After watching hometown superstar Juan Soto stun Shohei Ohtani in the first round of the Home Run Derby earlier this week, our campers felt inspired to hit a few homers of their own.


While this is by far the most competitive game among campers, they still find a way to enjoy it and smile along with their teammates despite the intense atmosphere. 


At the Multisport camp, the most popular soccer game is “World Cup”, where a few campers are on a team and represent a country of their choice (USA, Brazil, etc.) and have to score a goal while shouting their country’s name to move on to the next round. The last team remaining on the field who hasn’t scored is out. After Italy defeated England in the European Soccer Championship earlier this week, our campers were feeling extra inspired to put their soccer skills on display.

Capture the Football

It’s “Capture the Flag”, but with a football instead of a flag. In this action packed activity, campers juked, spun and ran their way to victory (with the help of teammates, of course).

Street Hockey

This week, our campers display excellent teamwork passing the street hockey puck and making sure everyone was involved in the action.

Camp Was A BLAST!

Counselor of the Week: Kevin Gafar


Kevin has been coaching for multi sport camps for five years, starting at ESF multi sport camp at Georgetown Prep in the summer of 2016. He started coaching at Koa Multisport camp in the summer of 2020. He attended Albert Einstein High School in Kensington, MD, and currently attends Montgomery College. In high school, Kevin participated in a variety of sports, but mainly focused on basketball. 

As a counselor, Kevin preaches discipline while also making sure the campers enjoy their time at the multi sport camp.

“I say to my campers ‘We have to follow rules in order to have fun’,” Gafar said. “Once we establish the fundamentals, we can start having a ton of fun.”
Kevin also noted that teaching his campers discipline will establish a life-long skill, he said.