Koa Sports

Meredith Warden

Name: Meredith Warden

Season Started: Fall 2023

About: Meredith's journey in the world of sports is a testament to her dedication and her belief in the profound impact that team sports can have on young athletes' lives. Although her coaching experience may be limited, Meredith's playing journey is rich with experience. She began her sports career as a goalie in high school, displaying versatility by transitioning into a forward/midfield player for the remainder of her high school tenure. Her passion for the game led her to Oberlin College (DIII), where she played as a forward for all four years, showcasing her commitment and skills at the collegiate level. For Meredith, shaping kids' lives through sports means providing a platform for young athletes to learn essential life skills. She recognizes that team sports, like field hockey, offer a fantastic opportunity for kids to develop coordination, communication, respect, and teamwork. Even though her time at Koa may be relatively short, Meredith takes immense satisfaction in witnessing the growth and increased confidence of the young athletes she works with, reinforcing her belief in the transformative power of sports in shaping the lives of the next generation.