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Loving the Game! Blog #19.16

Why do you play?

Whether you have just picked up your first field hockey stick or have just completed your 6th season, as a player have you ever stopped to think why you invested so much or why you plan to invest so much into the game? Do you play because you are good? Or maybe to be with your friends? Do you play because a parent or a sibling played? For whatever reason, it is important to develop a healthy relationship with the game. Many learn about field hockey later in life due to the lack of popularity. Many fall in love the movement they take their first hit. Playing a sport is not only about being good at it (although it may be a plus), but understanding that as you develop as an athlete there will come a time where sacrifices will exceed success; where you will question if this is the sport you want to commit to. You will face trying times in the game where someone may be better than you; where your friends may not on your team. You might have a bad season or feel stuck. The passion you once had might change. During these times you will have to look to your love of the game and ask yourself if you have built a healthy relationship with field hockey. “Do I love the sport for what it is or for what it has given me?” Be active in building a relationship, whether it is finding a certain move or falling in love with the feeling you get on the field and having a stick in your hand. In life and sports, you will constantly win and lose. You will develop faster or maybe later than others but playing the sport for the joy you feel or for what it is, is something that can never be taken from you. When playing, focus on what YOU can bring to the table, not how you measure up to someone else. Always have fun, no one is perfect and your coaches do not expect you to be. As long as you give 100% every time you are on the field and have passion and dedication in your eyes, that will mean more to a coach than any win. Passion and dedication will lead to success, the road will not always be easy, there are hills and valleys but with a genuine love for the game you will end up on top.

Picture of the Week! 

2nd-3rd Grade Rec League players hard at work!

Athlete of the Week: Jaimie Lee!

Jaimie Lee has moved her way up through the ranks of our field hockey program. From DT to Club, Jamie is an excellent defender and leads her team in all she does. She holds it down on defense with her skills and field vision. She is an awesome teammate and hardworking player!