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When it comes to flag football Olney MD kids and their parents love Koa Sports. We’re a non-profit organization with a full-time staff of trained coaches devoted to helping kids enjoy sports in a safe environment. We teach kids how to improve in the sport of their choice while having the time of their lives.

Equal Opportunity Fun and Development

As opposed to the hyper-competitive sports culture that has taken over so many playing fields, Koa Sports offers the kind of flag football Olney MD boys choose to return to year after year. Our flag football camps are a great opportunity for any boy who desires to play football, regardless of their experience or skill level. We also make it easy for kids to try playing various positions on defense and offense. This enables them to get a feel for overall game strategy as well as determine which positions they prefer playing.

Koa Sports was built on the idea that sports are important in the lives of young boys and girls, from the skills they develop to the lessons they learn and the relationships they form along the way. The style of flag football Olney MD offers through Koa Sports gives everyone a chance to grow through organized play and healthy competition.

Koa Sports flag football in Olney MD has leagues in both the spring and fall for kindergartners to high-school age kids. We understand the importance of having different leagues for different age groups. One of the advantages this offers is comradery and friendship that can last a lifetime.

Why flag football?

Flag football offers several advantages over tackle football. For one thing, it gives kids an opportunity to learn the rules and mechanics at a young age. This is especially true for kids who are less aggressive than others. And because not all kids grow at the same rate, the less physically demanding sport of flag football allows them to participate and learn without fear. In a less competitive atmosphere, kids can bond with each other even as they develop physical and leadership skills while enjoying a healthy, fun outdoor sport.

What about equipment?

The only equipment in Olney flag football is a flag belt, unlike tackle football which requires a substantial investment in equipment. With flag football, there is no need for cumbersome pads, helmets, and other gear. This is because flag football is a non-contact sport which makes it safer. If the kids later decide to make the transition to tackle football, it is most often a smooth one because the skills are transferrable.

Maryland has a long history of supporting the game of football and its players. Koa Sports is proud to be part of this tradition by offering flag football Olney MD families believe in.

Let’s play some football!

If your son is ready to have a blast and learn the game of football at the same time, then give Koa Sports a call at (301) 229-7529 to sign your child up for flag football Olney MD loves.