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Koa Sports has many different programs and basketball lessons Rockville MD kids and families are raving about. We are a community of dribbling and shooting, bench-cheering, hard-working, basketball-loving friends and families, who are out to get better and have fun. Koa was built on the idea that sports have a positive impact on young people and their development into young adults. Whether your young player is just graduating from the mini hoop in the living room or backyard, or is a serious high school baller with aspirations of college ball, Koa has a variety of programs and basketball lessons Rockville MD family’s recommend. Contact us today so that we can help you find a program that meets your players needs and your family’s schedule, all year-round.

Shaping Kids Lives Through Sports

We take pride in being more than just a top-notch sports outfit. We believe that we are helping to build community by shaping kids lives through sports. Sports develops skills, discipline, team-work and relationships on and off the court- while teaching them and empowering them to teach each other. Our commitment to positively impacting kids through sports includes:
Hiring trained and dedicated professional coaches and instructors who are under the direct supervision of our full-time professional staff.
Using sports to teach and develop the understanding and importance of hard work, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and coping with adversity in a positive manner.

Building a positive community for young athletes and their families

For more information about how your athlete and family can benefit from sports programs and basketball lessons Rockville MD kids have fun at while their parents get to see them grow, call Koa Sports today.

Programs for All Levels of Play

Whether your child is a first-time player or an athlete with aspirations to play high school basketball, Koa Sport’s provides an environment that promotes success for all levels of players.

Our full-time administrative staff has helped to build our non-profit organization and has years of experience working with the programs we offer. They enjoy the opportunity to help you find the lessons, teams, clinics, camps and more, that will fit your child best. From our office staff team to our top notch coaches, we believe that the basketball experience we provide is the best in the area. For a variety of programs and basketball lessons Rockville MD youth ball players are raving about, call Koa Sports today.