Koa Sports

Written Testimonials

Koa Select Basketball
“My son plays 7th grade select basketball.  Koa’s coaching is top notch with the perfect balance between skills training and game strategy development.  Great attention is given to individual players and the team as a whole.  The organization and communication about the team schedule has been far superior to other travel teams we have experienced.  I highly recommend Koa basketball!” – Rebecca Goldman
“Koa has been a fantastic place where my two boys have learned great sportsmanship, have dramatically improved their skills, have had a lot of fun, and at the same time have developed into tough competitors.  Their coaches have done a great job of balancing the good of the team while at the same time focusing on their individual needs and development as players, both the physical parts of the game and the mental.  Koa has been a great place for them where they could compete at a higher level than rec and still have a blast doing it.” – Joshua Berman

Koa Baseball
“Koa travel ball has been a great experience for my son Drew.  In his three seasons in the Koa program, he’s consistently increased his skill level, broadened his understanding of the game and accelerated his physical development.  The Koa experience has been instrumental in preparing him to play in High School and beyond.  Koa’s coaches have all played high-level baseball so they understand what it takes to prepare young athletes.  The benefits of Koa travel ball stretch outside of baseball.  The boys really enjoy the team camaraderie and develop strong friendships that endure beyond baseball.” – Chris Aherne
“My son had a good experience on his Koa team. There reaches a point where you can’t effectively coach your own child–even if you are a teacher and have coached baseball (like me).  It was nice to sit and watch practice, and have someone else organize all of the little details. The players all got better through the season, and they really grew together … All of the coaching was very positive throughout, and each child had a lot of opportunities to try different positions before the team settled into a line-up.  I am very happy Koa is around to give my son a great baseball experience.” – Anthony Clayman, Bethesda
“My son has been involved with the Koa program for the past three years. Koa travel ball has been instrumental in both Eric’s physical development as a player, and mental understanding of the game. The quality of the coaching has been a significant factor in Eric’s skill set improvement over time. The ability to breakdown different aspects of the game from hitting to pitching to fielding has been key. In addition, the Koa culture has fostered a cohesive team approach to the game. We look forward to continuing with Koa for years to come.” – Ken Brodkowitz
“Koa baseball is all about player development, superb coaching, high standards, healthy competition, team spirit, and individualized skills training. And let’s not forget the fun part of the equation, which Tony and his coaches fully understand. We’ve experienced a number of sports organizations in this area, but Koa Sports stands out.” – Leonard Steinhorn

Koa Flag Football
“We liked that your flag football program was run by somebody other than a dad. The kids loved those young athletes — they looked up to them.   It was great to have those young coaches. They were very positive and organized the rotations well.  And your staff was very good.  I thought the program was well organized and we appreciated the timely emails.”  – Natalie Geenen
“The Koa flag football coaches were fantastic, amazing, and outgoing!  Anytime we would arrive early they would take the time to grab a few kids and start throwing the ball around.  The program was very organized and the emails were very direct and to the point and helpful.  Thanks again for a great experience.”  – Suzanne Garner
“Let me say-Koa Flag Football program was impressive from day one. It was a great balance of drills and games, the instructors’ enthusiasm was tremendous and they made sure that every kid had a chance to participate and be part of the action. Most importantly, my son’s skills improved and he had fun.” – Brian Lustig
“Koa Sports consistently provides an incredibly positive experience for my son.  The professionalism with which the organization is run is obvious from top to bottom.  The owners of the company are very involved with all facets of the business, especially on the field where it counts for the kids.  The games are conducted with a huge emphasis on fun, but without deemphasizing that huge component of sports – competition.  Simply a great product!” – Gary F. Weltmann

Summer Camp
“My daughter had a great day today.  In fact, it’s the most excited she has been about a camp in a long time.  She was hot and exhausted when she got in the car, but happy and made friends on the first day.  She said what made this camp so great was that she had choices.  I picked this camp because she wanted to try field hockey.  This is so much more than I thought it would be.  Thanks for a great experience.” – Jayne M.

Field Hockey
“Mere words cannot do justice for the positive experiences we have had at Koa Field Hockey.  My daughter has enjoyed field hockey since it was first introduced in her P.E. class.  It is great to have the Koa organization facilitate her passion for the sport.  We have participated in the clinics and the rec league and she has enjoyed it all.  An additional positive experience for me has been the professionalism of the Koa staff, both Kelly G. and Casey H. They are always timely in their responses to questions and happy to assist with any online registration questions.  Kelly brings a level of enthusiasm, knowledge of the game, and support for the girls and coaches.  Her attitude conveys that this is a passion of hers, not merely a job.” – Anita F.  

“My daugher Anne enjoyed the field hockey enormously. We especially like the way it is a combination of practice and competitive games. The Koa coaches were enthusiastic and there was room for personal attention. It was good the coaches saw to it that the girls played at their own level and not particularly by age. Thanks again!” – Ronald H.

Koa Sports League
“Tony Korson and his staff demand accountability; but do so in a fun way.  They are a dedicated group of coaches that genuinely want their charges to succeed. Teamwork and fundamentals are at the core of everything they teach.  Of course, with that comes confidence. I have three sons that play, or have played, for Koa. I won’t list their recent accomplishments here, because I worry that I run the risk of sounding boastful.  Suffice it to say, because of their (my sons’) hard work, along with the hard work from these fine coaches, my sons are enjoying success at a level that is truly enjoyable. If you are searching for a terrific education of your chosen sport….look no further.  You’ve arrived.” – Fred Sanchez