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What Koa Campers Say is the Most Fun About Our Kids Sport Camps

depositphotos_30245389_m-2015There are a lot of reasons to be a Koa Camper this summer. Staying active and busy during the summer is important for childhood development. Having a safe place to hang out and play games all day, spending time with old friends and making new ones, learning a new sport or enjoying an old favorite: the list goes on and on.
Every year, we send out an end of summer survey to the families who participate in our kids sport camps asking them how we did. Did their Koa camper enjoy the kids sport camps this summer? What was their favorite part? What should we do more of?
Our Summer Kids Sport Camps Program Director reads through each and every one of those completed surveys getting feedback from kids sport camp attendees, and we’re proud to say we have a higher than 95% “excellent” rating from those surveys! We think our Koa campers are excellent, and we’re happy to hear they feel the same way.
But why? What is it that makes Koa kids sport camps so much FUN! We think it’s a perfect mix of a few things:

  • Our counselors are the best in the business. Some of them are former D1 athletes, some of them are local teachers, many of them are former Koa athletes or campers themselves! We think this diversity in our staff makes for a fun and effective approach to each and everyday. Add to that that each staff member is fully trained and background checked, and it’s easy to see why Koa campers love their counselors at Koa Multisport Camp.
  • Our facility is top-notch. With beautiful outdoor fields, to include a whiffle ball/kickball field, a tennis court, and several open green spaces, as well as air-conditioned indoor space, including a basketball court and cafeteria, The Woods Academy is an excellent spot for summer camp.
  • Our kids sport camps are accredited by the American Camp Association, State of Maryland, Montgomery County. This means we’ve done our homework, crossed our t’s and dotted our i’s.

Enough of what we think, what have some of our Koa campers said about summer camp?
“My favorite part of summer vacation is going to Koa camp with my friends and my brother.” – 2nd grade Boys Multisport Koa Camper
“I like to go to Koa camp because the counselors are nice, we have a lot of fun and I make new friends.” – Kindergarten Girls Multisport Koa Camper
“I like to play sports like football, and basketball, and soccer, so it’s fun to get to play all of them everyday at [Koa] Sports camp.” – 5th Grade Boys Multisport Koa Camper
Whatever the reason, we’re happy to hear our Koa campers are enjoying themselves each and every summer that they spend at Koa kids sport camps. We hope to see you on the field this summer!