Koa Sports

Trophy Policy

Koa Sports League Trophy Philosophy
Enter into most kids’ rooms these days and your eye goes immediately to a shelf of glittery plastic – the requisite trophy shrine filled with years of awards for simply being on the team. Welcome to the participation trophy generation! Thankfully we are beginning to see some pushback to the notion of being rewarded for just showing up (or in some cases, just registering)!
At Koa Sports we believe in rewarding athletes for genuine accomplishments. We are joining with many educators, athletes and psychologists in moving away from the practice of awarding participation trophies, particularly as players’ “age up.” Of course, our youngest athletes who really do get a thrill from a trophy will still receive their prize! But as the players get older, they will be recognized for the value of their achievements on the field. We hope to foster within our players a sense of personal accomplishment when they believe they’ve given their all in athletic competition and in any aspect of their life.