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Summer Conditioning Program

Being fit and in-shape is an important aspect of all sports, but speed, endurance and quickness are essential to Field Hockey. Whether you want to play for a Club team, your high school team or a college team, you will be expected to put in extra work during the summer to prepare for your upcoming fall season. This extra work happens off the field, without a stick and ball, and is not exciting. Most of the time it’s just you, your mind, your music and the track. There may be no glory while putting in this extra work, but it will definitely lead to glory on the field during your season!

So, what is this extra work that I am talking about?! It’s your Summer Conditioning Program. A good Summer Conditioning Program will address all aspects of your field hockey fitness. Each week, there will be days devoted to endurance and longer, paced runs. Other days will have specific drills to work on your foot speed and quickness. And then, there will be days that focus on your overall game fitness with hard bursts of speed and slow recovery jogs for a certain number of intervals. Each of these days is essential to your overall fitness as a field hockey player! After all, you can’t expect your mind and skills to be sharp during a game, when your body is tired and failing!

If you want to take your skills and game to the next level, having your body both strong and physically prepared for battle is the key. Over the next 8 weeks, there will be a weekly Summer Conditioning Program added to each Blog! It is yours, free for the taking, will you step up to the challenge and be ready to crush your goals this fall? The choice is yours!