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Spring Flag Football 2019 – Week 2

Good Morning Koa Flag Football Players and Families,

I hope everyone enjoyed Week 2 of the Spring Flag Football Season. If anybody has pictures from this past weekend, please send them in so I can add them on the blog and website.

Player of the Month

Koa Sports Player of the Month is Max Guerreiro. Max, by far one of the favorites among the Koa Flag Football staff. When assigning coaches to teams, many coaches jump at the chance to coach and play with Max. As one of the most charismatic and funny players on the field, he lifts everyone else around them. Don’t let his jokes fool you though, Max works his tail off and can handle himself when playing with the older kids. Max has helped the Ducks off to a great 2-1 start this season.


Some games have been changed so please double check the schedule for the upcoming weekend.

Tip of the Week

Flag Pulling – By far the most important part of flag football is pulling the flag. Some players have been having trouble this season getting the flag off of those shifty opponents. Here are a few tips to flag pull even some of the best athletes:

-Attack the ball carrier (by that I mean meet the ball carrier as soon as possible).
-Break down (wide good athletic stance) DO NOT BE FLAT FOOTED!
-Attack the flag with two hands
-Don’t just go for the flags hanging, go for the belt as well.


If anyone has any questions about Week 3, please feel free to reach out to me at nickt@koasports.org.

See you this weekend.