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Socially Distanced Flag Football Camp

Socially Distanced Flag Football Camp

Socially Distanced Flag Football Camp


At Koa Sports, we understand how difficult the year 2020 has been and why parents are concerned about the wellbeing of their children, which is why we have launched a socially distanced flag football camp! As communities in the United States and across the globe are starting activities for youth sports against, the CDC has offered considerations for how to protect players and their families. We have consulted with our team and taken recommendations from state and local health officials to establish rules for a safe environment, where children can get out of the house and enjoy sports again.

COVID-19 Safety Considerations

The way sports are played means that oftentimes equipment is shared between players and coaches. We have made a few changes to how the games are played so that it reduces the risk of COVID-19 transmission. When assessing the risks of spread for flag football, our team has considered these factors:

Our staff and coaches have updated practices so players can build on their individual skills instead of prioritizing competition. We may put players into smaller groups that will remain together throughout the camp, instead of mixing groups frequently. 

Minimizing Shared Equipment

The team at our flag football socially distanced camp will be focused on reducing the amount of necessary touching of sports gear and equipment while also increasing how often we sanitize them. If someone with COVID-19 touches a sports item and passes it to another player, that player could be at risk. So we have implemented a “minimal sharing” rule and will clean equipment before, between, and after use of game play. 

Social Distancing When Not in Play

When a player is not in the game, we will emphasize the importance of staying six feet apart from others. Players will be spaced out on the bench, dugout, or sideline. Furthermore, coaches may have players use this down time to build their skills individually, rather than staying clustered with teammates. 

Call Koa Sports Today to Sign Up!

After a year of being cooped up indoors more often than not, we can imagine that your children are probably enthralled by the idea of getting outside and playing with friends. If you have any questions about our socially distant protocols, don’t hesitate to call us to have them answered. To sign your child up for camp and socially distanced flag football at Koa Sports, contact us as soon as possible before slots fill up!