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Socially Distanced Basketball Camp

Socially Distanced Basketball Camp

Socially Distanced Basketball CampWhen considering a socially distanced basketball camp for your children, we know that parents will be wondering whether this is a safe decision for your child. At Koa Sports, we know that your children need to experience as much normalcy as possible and, while this is critical, it should happen in as safe a way as possible. Enrolling your child in our basketball camp provides many benefits. We are dedicated to delivering this to your children while also following guidelines in place by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Our team of skilled and experienced staff is committed to helping your children build their skills while enjoying all the benefits that physical activity provides. 

Benefits of Basketball Camp

Our basketball camps are accessible to players of all levels. Whether your child is a novice player or playing on a more competitive level, we have programs suited to meet the needs of your child. We have years of experience and skilled, top-level coaches to provide our players with the best programming in the Maryland area. Our camps can help to assist in building speed, agility, to experience different coaching styles, provide a challenge, expand upon skills, along with the opportunity to experience healthy competition. There are many other benefits to our camps, including: 

The advantages to your child are endless when you sign them up for camps with our organization. We are honored to support your children and are ready to assist with building skills and having fun!

CDC Guidelines for Camps

When considering camps for your child, COVID is sure to be a concern that may weigh heavily on your decision. We remain up to date and compliant with all CDC recommendations in place. We work tirelessly to ensure that children and staff are socially distanced and wearing masks. Guidelines require that we: 

Our team is committed to helping reduce the spread of the virus by having strict protocols so that your child can experience all of the benefits our camps provide. 

We Are Dedicated to Your Children

Koa Sports is committed to helping our kids build their athletic skills. However, it’s essential to know that children build skills that extend far beyond the athletic realm when you choose our camps. We provide children with the individual attention they need to help develop their athleticism, social skills, confidence, commitment, and more. As the world faces a global pandemic, we know that these are uncertain times, and children are indeed experiencing the impact. We aim to help your child experience as much normalcy as possible so that they can thrive. 

Koa Sports provides a variety of sports camps and is open and ready to serve your children in accessing the benefits that athletics can provide. To learn more about our socially distanced basketball camp, contact our office today.