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Koa Welcomes Arrington Training & Development


League Intro Letter

Beginning in the spring 2016, ATD, in Conjunction with Koa Sports, is forming a youth soccer league to cater to young players in Montgomery County and surrounding areas.

Professional Coaching & Soccer Staff

The first reason why families invest in YDSL is the quality of our leadership. All of our coaches are former high school and college soccer players. The majority have coached at the same level. We train each in the principles of the Positive Coaching Alliance. The team includes the ATD CEO, program director, head of player development, and multiple soccer operations staffers. We also rely on our outstanding Parent Assistant Coaches (PACs) to assist our head coaches during practices and games. If you are interested in seeing what is expected of our PACs, please download the PAC role here.

Draft Process – How to Get Into the League

The journey begins with a tryout. If we feel that your son has the core skills and potential as a new ATD player, then we’ll offer him an invite to our draft. Athletes workout for our coaches for a second evaluation. Coaches will hold a draft after each player is evaluated (behind closed doors, not publicly like on ESPN). Our draft helps us to field teams that are relatively equal in skill level. We aim for parity to keep the league exciting and enjoyable.


This is an opportunity for new players to showcase their talent, enthusiasm, and determination for us. We’re looking for the overall package, with character and maturity valued.

YDSL D1 (U7 – U10)

Consists of a Friday skills clinic (90 minutes in length) at Carderock Elementary School and Saturday games at Arylawn Park. Practices are a 60-minute pre-game workout. YDSL is a two-day-per-week commitment. We will schedule 6 winter workouts, roughly 10 games (includes playoffs) and 6-8 clinics (weather permitting). Roster size is 12-13 players.


Multi-station Clinics

Led by ATD’s team of high-energy, professional coaches, we teach the boys how to act like soccer players. Running on and off the field, using their skills, recognizing game situations, and being accountable to their teammates are qualities that will be instilled in each YDSL player.

Team Snap

Review your roster, team contact information, schedule, player availability, email notifications, bulletin board, and more on the leading team productivity platform. A mobile app is available for quick and easy check-ins by smartphone or tablet. Our friend for logistics!

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