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Simon Reich

Simon Reich

  • What does Shaping Kids’ Lives Through Sports mean to you?

This statement resonates a lot with Simon. He said, "Shaping Kids’ Lives through Sports means that we can teach young athletes life lessons through how we coach them in their sport. There is a lot more to sports than just playing, and young athletes can obtain great values through the sports they play, such as hard work and determination."

  • Playing Experience:

Simon has been playing baseball his whole. He started playing tee-ball then travel ball, and moved all the way up to playing for Richard Montgomery High School. His greatest baseball achievements as a player include placing top 16 at the Cooperstown baseball tournament and hitting a walk-off home run in the semifinals of a tournament.

  • Coaching Experience:

This is Simon's first season as a coach for Koa Baseball. He is excited to apply the knowledge and experience he gained as a counselor in training (CIT) from our Multisport camp.

  • Season & Year Started with Koa Sports:

As a player, Simon started with Koa when he was on the 10u in 2016. He has been with us since then and officially started coaching for our programs in spring 2022.