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Tommie Shaw Dance Camp

2016 Tommie Shaw Dance Camp

Koa is pleased to bring back Tommie Shaw Dance Camp to our summer camp menu!
Hip Hop Dance Camp
At Hip Hop with Tommie Shaw & Company, young dancers will learn dance technique and choreography, which they will perform on the last day of camp.  The camp has an emphasis on Hip Hop dance, which is a high-energy dance form performed to the latest sounds in rap, R&B, and pop music.  We use child-friendly music in all of our Hip Hop classes, and all movement is age-appropriate.
The camp will also teach students about the art of performance, including lessons in stage etiquette which are relevant to every performing art form.  Additionally, the camp features an introduction to the history of dance, complete with interesting information and colorful photographs of some of history’s most famous dancers and choreographers across many styles of dance.
Students will have a lunch period during which they eat lunch brought from home, and there will also be free periods throughout the day, to allow students to play, rest, socialize and eat a snack brought from home.  Students will rehearse their choreography throughout the week, which will culminate in a Parent’s Day performance on the last day of camp.

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