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Koa Sports Summer 2014 Collegiate Development Program

Koa Sports is excited about the upcoming travel baseball season; we realize we have a lot of talent in our program! Here are the four teams we are offering this summer:

Here are the goals and details for
each summer baseball program…

16U Tournament Team

The 16U Koa summer baseball program is designed for selected student athletes finishing their freshman or sophomore season.  The focus for this group is to improve skills; we’ll play approximately 30 games including three local tournaments.  We will have a few preseason practices at BCC or Whitman HS, however most skill development will take place before the games.  Players are required to arrive 90 minutes prior (which means shoes on and ready to go) to each game, during this time our player development will take place.  During our 90 minute sessions both individual skills (hitting, pitching, and defense) and team concepts (bunt defense, small ball approach, pick off plays) will take place.

The goal for the summer is for these players to compete for starting sports on their Varsity team in the spring of 2014.  This group will compete in one “preview” showcase at UMD where college coaches will be in attendance throughout the weekend.  There will be introductory conversations about showcases and the college recruiting process.  Games will begin the weekend of June 8th-9th and conclude the weekend of July 27-28th with a local DC tournament.  Each team has two professional coaches per game which allows the parents to sit back and enjoy the show.  Both coaches will have an extensive baseball background and at a minimum played college baseball.

June 21st-23rd: UMD Dynamic Baseball

June 28th-30th: Elite Baseball (Montgomery County)

July 19th-21st: Sports at the Beach

July 23rd-28th: Local DC Tournament

League: 16U DC Baseball League
Roster: 16-17 players
Fee: $1800/player
**The fee includes uniforms, coaching, Team Snap scheduling page, and a parent volunteer running Game Changer (online stats).

** Fees do not include: Transportation to and from the games/tournaments and meals during the tournaments.


Program/Philosophy:  This team is designed for High School players looking for additional experience in a local setting.  This team will play 18 games, plus playoffs (if we qualify).  The focus of the team is to continue player development through their later high school years, and prepare them for further success at the high school level.

League: MCBA
Roster: 16-18 players
Fee: $1200/player
**The fee includes uniforms, coaching, Team Snap scheduling page, and a parent volunteer running Game Changer (online stats).

Grad Class of 2014/Showcase ODL

Program/Philosophy: As this group finishes their junior season, the focus is to get the players necessary college exposure to prepare for college baseball. The tournament schedule is in place (which will include 4 tournaments) giving the student athlete plenty of time to email prospective coaches their summer tournament schedule. Koa’s goal is to put together a competitive team and play on sound facilities during tournament and league play. This team will be required to report 90 minutes prior to games during which athletes will work on player development — pitching, hitting, fielding, and catching skills. If you want to play on a weekend Showcase Team, this is NOT the program for you. If you want to play between 30-35 games, and learn while playing a lot of baseball, this is the program for you.

Projected Tournaments:
June 21st-24th
: Super 17 Invitational – http://diamondnation.com

June 28th – July 4th: East Cobb, World Wood Bat 18U

July 11th-14th: Liberty Bell Showcase (Elite Baseball three 9 inning games @ West Chester College) www.elitebaseballoflancaster.com/Tournaments.aspx

July 23rd-28th: Local DC Gibbs Tournament

League: DC 18U League
Roster Size: 18-19 players
Fees: $2400/player
** The fee includes team uniforms, coaching, all hotel fees, Team Snap Scheduling page, and a parent volunteer running Game Changer (online stats).
** Fees do not include: Transportation to the games/tournaments and meals during the tournaments. Players must arrange for their own transportation to/from the Atlanta, PA and New Jersey tournaments.

Collegiate Summer Team 22U

Program/Philosophy:  This group is designed for current college baseball (or grad class 2013 incoming freshman) looking to continue development through the summer in a local setting.  There will be no overnight trips for this team, and all games will be played in Montgomery County and/or the Columbia/Baltimore area. The focus will be on developing player contribution to their collegiate club.  This team will play the full MCBL schedule, roughly 30 games (and playoffs, if we qualify).

League:  MCBL (Maryland College Baseball League)
Roster Size:  24-26 players
Fees:  $750/player
**The fee includes all uniforms and coaching.

Any questions please contact Tommy Piacenza (203.232.2510).