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Desert Eagle™ Pitching (Ages 9-14)

Desert Eagle™ is a small-group pitching program designed to attract, develop, and graduate balanced hurlers (high talent and baseball IQ). It's one part workout and one part classroom. The class involves drills, bullpens, and most importantly addresses injury prevention. A truly great value! By application process only.

Desert Eagle Packet & Application
Desert Eagle - Schedule

Available to athletes ages 9-14. Compete your application (download above) and return to Adam Spadafora, Head of Player Development adam@koasports.org

• Dedicated, Professional Coach (collegiate)
• 6 Month Instructional Period (1-2 sessions per week)
• Ubersense™ Video Analysis (seeing is believing!)
• Safety and Health Focus (arm care, bands, post-throwing workouts)
• Periodization (different phases of program, correlation to a professional pitcher's program)
• Monthly Goals and "Take Home" Assignments
• Pre/Post Desert Eagle™ Evaluations

LOCATION: Koa Training Facility (4960 Boiling Brook Parkway, North Bethesda MD, 20852)
DAY/TIME: Wednesdays 4-5PM (15U); 5-6PM (12U); 6-7PM (10U)
INSTRUCTORS: 1 per class
CAPACITY: 4 athletes per class
STARTS: January 18, 2017
ENDS: June 28, 2017
COST: $150 per athlete per month (6 months)

Kao Sports

Coach Adam Spadafora

Head of Player Development


I’m happy to answer any questions you have about our Desert Eagle™ program! Just shoot me an email (adam@koasports.org).

Koa’s Indoor Training Facility and Headquarters includes a pitching lane with raised mounds or throw-down rubber; a workout area with aerobic equipment, resistance bands, light weights, etc; a video analysis lounge with a wall-mounted LCD screen, Apple TV setup, desktop computer station, refrigerator, and a sofa.


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