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Multisport Summer Camp Week 9

Mulitsport Camp FINAL Week 9: 8/23- 8/27/2021

Koa Families,
What a summer it has been! This week we wrapped up the final week of Multisport Summer Camp. We had a blast throughout all nine weeks of camp. It was a summer to remember! We wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the CITs, coaches, parents & campers for making our summer camp a memorable and fun experience! For the final time, let’s recap the fun activities Multisport campers participated in this past week:

Tennis Baseball

While several games came and went at Multisport camp throughout the summer, tennis baseball was one of the few that stuck around the entire way. As the MLB baseball season was in full swing, Multisport campers were inspired & always eager to get their hands on tennis rackets and knock tennis balls out of the baseball diamond!


Like tennis baseball, soccer (more specifically “World Cup”) was a Multisport camp mainstay throughout the entire summer. Campers chose countries from all over the world, including Croatia, Cuba, Djibouti, Brazil, the United States, Germany, Portugal, and even US states such as Arizona and Illinois. Having to score goals to advance to the next round, Multisport campers were always engaged in World Cup as they tried to survive and advance!


Dodgeball definitely produced some of the most exciting highlights of this summer, including this past Tuesday when the coaches took on the campers in an intense back and forth game that saw a heroic effort by one camper, Calvin A. With only Calvin remaining on the camper side, he caught a counselor-thrown ball to get all of the campers back in the game. The campers pulled off the shocking upset, defeating the counselors and erupting in elation afterward.

Street Hockey

Rounding out the cornerstone games at Multisport camp is street hockey, which was played at Multisport camp almost every day on the basketball courts. This week we switched it up and had a Street Hockey Tournament. The campers were split up into teams of five to take on each other. Shoutout to the Golden Knights who took home the Stanley Cup on Wednesday!



With the Summer Olympics taking place in Tokyo this past July, handball made its way to the national stage! Campers replicated the intense, teamwork-driven sport at Multisport camp.

Basketball (Knockout)

Sprinkled in throughout the summer was knockout, the most popular basketball game at Multisport camp. Campers, CITs & even counselors would get in on the action, all trying to be the last one standing.

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Counselor of the Week: AJ Frattarelli

AJ has been with Koa for over ten years as a Multisport camper, CIT, and counselor. He began as a counselor last year for Multisport camp and has been with Koa throughout this entire summer. During the Fall and Spring Seasons, AJ has coached for our Flag Football Program and our BABL program. Coach AJ will be a freshman at Bryant University in Rhode Island this fall. We can not wait for him to return next summer

“I love seeing smiles on the kids’ faces after a good day of sports,” AJ said. “I remember a camper hitting a walk-off homer in wiffle ball, and seeing him dance around the bases made my day.”