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March 2020 Newsletter!

March 2020 Newsletter

Koa Families,

Good afternoon and I trust everyone is staying safe and listening to Governor Hogan and CDC guidelines.  With non-essential businesses being forced to close Koa Sports is redefining our service and how we deliver the best possible content and services to our customers. Constraints and adversity are part of life, the Koa Sports staff are diligently working to deliver digitally by remotely providing the following services to our customers:

  • Interaction with coaches and teammates (Zoom practices)
  • Building coach/mentor player relationships
  • Setting goals and accomplishing them
  • Providing structure in an unstructured environment
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Digital Etiquette
  • Physical fitness

Let’s focus on what we can control and make lemonade out of lemons during this unprecedented time.

Thanks for your continued support of 501c3 community-based business.

Tony Korson
Founder & CEO


Koa Virtual Training

We’re giving you a new type of training! Virtual training with professional coaches demonstrating, analyzing and giving feedback to make you the best that you can be!


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