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Life of a Goalie (written by U12 Club Coach/Goalie Coach Katie Gerbes)

There’s no doubt about it- any athlete, in any position, in any sport faces some stress. There’s the physical stress to your body sprinting up and down the field, the mental stress of wanting to play your best game, and the emotions that come with a great win or heartbreaking loss.

Being a goalie is no different, as it takes great physical abilities, but it’s the mental game that separates a good keeper from a great one. Being a goalie is a mixed bag- when your team is winning, you’re bored and inactive, and when you get lots of action, it means the team isn’t doing so hot. Adjusting to that reverse thinking can be tricky.

Goalies also have to understand that they will be scored upon. It’s part of the game, and some goals are just excellent goals. Goalies can’t stop everything. So as long as you try your hardest, losing a game doesn’t fall on the goalie- it falls on the team as a whole.

As someone who has spent nearly a decade as a goalie, I know it’s hard work, but If you can get used to the mental stress the position can cause, you’re one step closer to being unstoppable.