Koa Sports

Swim & Tennis Club Partnership

Swim & Tennis Club Partnership

Who Are We?

Since 2010, Koa's 501(c)3 has grown significantly. Our culture, customer service and central mission - Shaping Kids' Lives Through Sports - hasn't changed, we have had over 6,000 happy families participate. Our full-time staff lives, eats, breathes, plays, trains, competes, sleeps, doesn't sleep, questions, listens, improves, celebrates, and champions Koa Sports. Everything we do starts with our full-time staff - from answering the phones, to setting schedules, and hiring our coaches. As an organization, we take pride in and ensure we embody our four core values: Positive, Dedicated, Team-First, and Fun. We hope that you will see the benefit of partnering with Koa Sports.

Value To Your Swim & Tennis Club

Koa Sports will provide a balanced management approach to promote a community-oriented club, offer numerous affordable tennis programs to your community. We are a FREE tennis provider to your club, plus we kick back a percentage of registrations to you. We can offer the following programming:

  • Group and Private lessons
  • Adult and Junior Team leagues & programs
  • Summer Tennis Camps (Full Day & Half Day - 11 weeks)
  • Fall/Spring Tennis Camps (No School Day Camp & Spring Break Camp)
  • Winter Tennis leagues & camps at Koa Indoor Facility
  • Create communication system for members to play with new friends

Did we mention we are a FREE tennis provider?

Koa Tennis

Swim & Tennis Club Partnership

Core Values:
Positive, Dedicated, Team-First, Fun

Contact Us!

Founder/CEO: Tony Korson

Director of Tennis: Marco Impeduglia

(301) 229-7529 (PLAY)

Koa Sports League -- Shaping Kids' Lives Through Sports