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Into The Post: Updates Coming Soon!

New this season for Koa Hoops: Into The Post will feature game recaps, score updates, and several weekly and monthly player and coach recognitions. Tune in each week to keep track of how the Koa Select Hoops program is performing–and to see if you or your team has been featured! The first week of league play is December 10th/11th.

Koa Select Hoops

3rd Grade vs.

4th East vs.

4th West vs.

5th Grade vs.

6th East vs.

6th West vs.

7th East vs.

7th West vs.

8th East vs.

8th West vs.

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Koa HoopsW/L
3rd Grade0-0
4th East0-0
4th West0-0
5th Grade0-0
6th East0-0
6th West0-0
7th East0-0
7th West0-0
8th East0-0
8th West0-0


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