Koa Sports

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! There was a lot of action for Koa this past weekend on the turf field and the court with our Flag League Playoffs and a Basketball Tournament. But as things settle down a bit, it’s a perfect time to reflect on all the wonderful things that happened in 2013.

Personally, there were so many great memories I made in this year — weddings, engagements, and friends having kids. Koa celebrated its fourth birthday this year and we also celebrated many firsts, including going to Cooperstown with our 12U team, creating a field hockey club program, and having seven of our seniors commit to play college baseball.

Koa’s goal is to continue to grow in the community and have an impact on as many developing athletes as possible. Scholarships are NOT our primary measuring stick, and our metric for success is different for every age group.

If we can get our youngest athletes (4-8 year olds) “hooked” on sports, we have done our job! Our strategy for this age group is design dynamic, fun practices (and games), with positive coaches. If executed properly, the odds are stacked in favor of drawing the interest of as many young players as possible.

The goal for our 9-12 year olds is to help them start to find one or two sports they enjoy, and are beginning to develop a passionate about. At Koa, Select/Travel sports start at 9 years old, and we begin identifying young athletes who have athletic ability, aptitude, and the desire to compete in a level above recreational. Koa still offers recreational programs for 9-12 year olds, and will continue to do so. We have noticed the trend in the market place is to begin placing athletes with players of similar ability at around 9 to 10 years old. The 12 year old age group is the most “at risk” age to quit sports. Our goal for these athletes is to get them to the next level. Simply, we want them to still play sports when they are 13!

Once players reach the 13-18 year old group, the sports world is a whole different place than for the 4-12 year olds. More to come on this group in a future blog!

Be safe, and healthy this Holiday Season!