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Flag Football Promo Days

Flag Football Promo Days

Summer Flag Football

Are you looking for a new sport for your child? New to town, and trying to find a sports league to join? Ready to get your football fan out on the field?

Whatever your reason, Koa Flag Football is here for you. And we understand that when you’re looking for new activities, it’s nice to have the option to try them out for FREE. That’s what Koa promo days are for! Come out and meet the Koa coaches, get a feel for our league, and get a taste of the safest way to play America’s favorite game: flag football!

Want to join Koa Flag Football Promo Day for FREE? Here’s what we have coming up this Spring:

Flag Football Promo Days
Sunday, February 24th
Richard Montgomery High School (250 Richard Montgomery Drive, Rockville, MD 20852)

** Registration is required **

Who is Koa Flag?

Koa Sports

We’re your neighborhood ball players. We’re a nation of spin-moving, touchdown celebrating, intercepting football-crazies who are out for two things: Getting better and having fun.

Koa was built on the idea that sports are important in the lives of young boys and girls. From the skills they develop to the lessons they teach to the relationships formed along the way. Come join us and experience the Koa difference for yourself.

Our football program has leagues in both the Spring and Fall, with the perfect league for everyone’s developmental dreams.


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