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Koa Sports is home to one of the premier flag football Maryland sports leagues. Participating players can choose to either play in the fall or spring. The fall league begins in mid-October as fans around the country are getting reacquainted with professional football and cheering for their favorite teams. Fall games are played either on Saturday or Sunday which can be customized by the participating player. The Spring season begins in mid-March and is a Sunday-only league. Players can choose their own coach based on their developing needs as potential future football stars. Both fall and spring leagues welcome players of all ages from kindergarten to high school each with their own age divisions. Both seasons are consisted of six regular-season games and one playoff weekend in the final week. Players practice and play games on the same day so there are no mid-week practices that can disrupt family plans. Practices are half an hour in length and games are an hour long. Players get to show off their skills in a game in front of their friends and families while wearing official team jerseys.

Referees officiate every game to make sure all players are safe on the field and have fun while competing in one of the top flag football Maryland leagues. Rain and inclement weather can cause games to be canceled for a weekend. If a make-up day is needed, games are played the weekend after the playoffs. If there is no need for a make-up day, that last weekend will likely consist of an All-Star day with fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Flag football in Maryland is an important part of the community for young emerging athletes.

If players of any age group are new to Maryland flag football and Koa Sports, members of the Koa committee may help new athletes by finding them a team of similar age or skill level. Koa Sports is a welcoming environment and wants new players to feel comfortable when joining for the first time. Parents are also welcome to take part of the excitement by registering to become coaches within the league. Parents should not act out and complain during games for any reason. This Maryland flag football league is about encouraging and developing positive young athletes. If parents cause problems, they can be asked to leave the field by the Koa committee.

Young athletes and potential parent coaches can register for Koa’s flag football Maryland league up to two weeks before kickoff weekend begins. This gives the Koa committee time to plan for the participants in every age group and division. There is a late registration fee of $25 but players can still sign up and join the fun after it initially begins. These costs are mainly for administrative fees of entering a late registrant to the flag football Maryland Koa Sports league. If participants or parents need to cancel their registration after the enrollment date, two options are available. If the participant can find a replacement for their spot, 80% of the program may be refunded in cash. If the participant cannot find a replacement for their spot in the league, Koa sports can credit participant’s Koa sports account with 80% of the cost. Complete refunds are extremely rare once the flag football Maryland Koa Sports league begins.