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Flag football Kensington MD

If your child is looking to learn about flag football, improve their flag football skills or just have fun, consider signing them up for flag football Kensington MD offers at Koa Sports. Our mission at Koa Sports is “shaping kids’ lives through sports” within the community. Flag football at Koa Sports has two primary goals: have fun and get better! Kensington flag football at Koa Sports views this game as an opportunity for any child to learn about the game and gain experience. We strive to allow shared playing time and the opportunity for kids to play several different positions on the field. We are not looking to send players off the to the NFL, rather our goal is to bring the neighborhood kids together for a good time playing a great sport!

Flag Football versus Tackle Football

Flag football allows children the ability to learn about football, play the game with the same fitness and competitive benefits of tackle football while having less risk of injury. Getting children involved in sports at a young age can provide several character building benefits. Flag football in Kensington MD provides this exciting game to children in elementary school through high school.

Benefits of Flag Football

Besides learning about the great game of football, your child will also learn about the importance of working with others. The coaches of flag football Kensington MD has to offer will help the kids of the community to grow and learn about the game and their character. Some of the benefits may include:
Teamwork: This is a huge aspect of everyday life. Being able to work well with others to achieve a common goal and to collaborate effectively is just as important on the field as it is off the field. Playing flag football Kensington MD kids enjoy will give them the opportunity to build discipline and learn the importance of working hard while still having fun.

Physical Activity: Unfortunately, the number of children who are inactive has been steadily increasing. Children should be encouraged to be active to help set them up for a healthy childhood and lifestyle. Flag football Kensington MD offers at Koa Sports desires to help children learn the importance of staying active and how much fun playing a sport can be.

Sportsmanship: Some of the most important characteristics your child may learn is the value of being a good sport. At the end of a game, whether your child won or lost, having the ability to remain positive and shake hands with teammates, referees, and the opponents, instills valuable lessons in your children. They will have the opportunity to experience integrity, respect, and humility regardless of winning or losing.

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in signing your child up for a program that will teach them about flag football and introduce them to important life lessons, all while having fun then consider contacting us at (301) 229-7529. Koa sports flag football Kensington MD program is a place the community can look towards for positive fun for children of all ages.