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Field Hockey Chevy Chase MD

Field hockey is the third most watched sport in the entire world with over 2 billion worldwide fans - most of them come from Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, but field hockey is quickly becoming a trending sport for all ages in North America. In the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area field hockey Chevy Chase MD is becoming an absolute phenomenon! While this trend is picking up with girls of all ages, it is actually one of the oldest college sports in the United States. Did you know that field hockey started in the Olympics in the year 1908? If you think that’s crazy, check this out! Field hockey actually first started in the Middle Ages where it was played in England, Scotland, France, and the Netherlands. For all you field hockey Chevy Chase MD girls, that’s a pretty amazing fact to remember!

Regardless of your previous field hockey in Chevy Chase MD experiences, if you’ve made it to this page then you know that the sport is growing rapidly! We’re Koa Sports, the premier sports league in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. We were founded with the purpose of shaping kids lives through sports. Koa Sports offers a range of amazing programs for all ages including summer camps, baseball, field hockey, basketball, flag football and tennis! Koa Sports is not a one stop shop either - we run programs year round and for all skills levels.

As our field hockey Chevy Chase program grows, we’ve seen an increasing need for our girls wanting to know which gear they need, and what it’s important for. Below we’ve gone ahead and detailed all of the gear you’ll need for an awesome Chevy Chase field hockey experience.

Position Players

Stick - of course, every player must use a stick.
Shin Guards - shin guards are a required part of the game and help keep you safe from flying feet and sticks! You can get them in hard shell or soft shell.
Goggles - these are required to help protect your eyes and face from everything moving around on the field.
Mouth Guard - mouth guards protect you from concussions and other impacts to your face! Be sure to mold your mouthguard to teeth by placing it in boiling water when you first open it up, then digging your teeth in to create the perfect mold.
Gloves - this is an optional piece of equipment but will protect your hands from flying sticks and balls.
Cleats - to help you dig in and run your fastest!
Goalies - In addition to the basic gear, goalies must wear extra protective pieces such as a chest pad, leg pads, kicker covers, and a helmet with a mask.

Field hockey can be a very dangerous sport at times and the proper gear can help mitigate the risk of playing. Koa’s field hockey Chevy Chase MD programs prioritize safety over everything. In addition to wearing all the proper gear, it’s important to stay hydrated, warm up, and know all the rules when you’re out there on the field!

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