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Field Hockey Blog #19.4

Understanding Playing Time From A Coach’s Perspective

Blog #19.4


Playing Time

When a team is created, a coach wants to give all players the same amount of playing time. In the end, unfortunately that is unrealistic. Why? All players do not bring the same performance and dedication to every practice, conditioning and game. Coaches determine playing time-based off the athlete’s passion and dedication to the team. Coaches want to not only play great athletes, but also players who bring a motivating and positive energy to the team on and off the field.

If you as a player are always questioning the coach regarding your playing time, you need to take a step back and think of your overall performance during the season. Maybe you have contemplated your efforts and cannot think of a reason. If you are not sure about your performance, schedule a meeting with your coach either before or after practice! Do not do it during the big game of the season or during a drill at practice. Not the right place or time!

Everything you do as a teammate and athlete should be to better the team. There are some cases where there may be older players with more experience than you. If that is the case then you need to wait your turn for when you will get to be the older, experienced player! You will get your time to shine and when you do hold on tight to it! Give 110%! Show the coach that you deserve to be given a chance and you will do whatever it takes to help the team! Respect your coach, understand the process of growth and always dig deep and work hard to be a better athlete!

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Picture of the Week

Our u14 White Team at the United Sports Tournament this past weekend!

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Rule of the Week 

Scoring or A Goal:

A goal is scored ONLY when the ball crosses the goal line and has been touched by an attacking player inside the circle. If a defender touches the ball after an attacker inside the circle, and it crosses the goal line, it is still a goal! If the ball crosses the goal line, but no attacking player touches the ball inside the circle, then the goal does not count!

Signal: The ref will signal a goal by pointing both arms horizontally towards the center of the field


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Keeping up with Koa!

Starting This Week!NEW!!! All Boys Clinic: K- 8th Grade: Clinic starts on February 9th! The Boys Clinic is a Saturday clinic for both experienced and beginner field hockey players. During the practice, the players will be taught the fundamental skills of field hockey. At the end of each practice, they will get to test their newly learned skills in a fun game scenario drill or in a scrimmage. All players will be divided equally into appropriate age and skill level groups.Click Here for more information!

This clinic will be coached by Gio Gordon. He was a member of the Jamaica National Team and coached the Jamaica U21 Women’s Team. He is currently one our u14-u19 Club Coaches and is very knowledgeable about the sport!

In Two Weeks!

Free!! Goalie Promo Day!:This is a Free Promo Day for players who want to try Goalie! On Tuesday February 19th, players will learn the fundamentals and get to play in a few fun drills! Most importantly, they will come away with a basic grasp of Goal Keeping and a new found love for a great position in field hockey. Click Here for all the details!

Coming this March! It’s Spring Season!!Tryouts!! U10/U12/U14 DT & U16/U19 Club/DT: Ready to take your game to a higher level? Koa Field Hockey has two league options above the recreational level to continue improving your game! Our Club and Development Team Tryouts are coming up this March! For more information, please click the appropriate link: Development Team InfoClub Team InfoTryout Info

Spring Promo Day! Do you have a sibling, neighbor or field at school that wants to try field hockey?! At our FREE Promo Day, they can come out and meet the Koa coaches, get a feel for our program, and get a taste of Koa Field Hockey! At our promo days, players will learn the fundamentals and get to play in a few fun drills and games! Most importantly, they will come away with a basic grasp of field hockey and a new found love for a new sport! For more information, click here!

Spring Fundamentals Crash Course: Did you sign up for one of our programs and you are a beginner? Come join our experienced coaches at our 1.5 hour skills session that will teach you all the basics of field hockey! Get that first practice out of the way before the season starts in order to be more prepared for the first week. To find out more info, click HERE!

Spring Rec League: Spring RL will be starting the end of March and continue for 7 weeks! Experienced and Novice players are welcome to come play from ages 2nd – 8th grade. Each session will be 1.5 hours. The players will practice for 45 minutes and scrimmage for the remaining 45 minutes with their team! Interested?! To find out more info, click HERE!

Spring K – 8th Weekday & Sunday Clinics: This Spring, Koa will be offering a Sunday K-1st grade clinic, as well as a weekday Clinic for K-8th grade. Both Clinics are for experienced and beginner players. During the practice, the players will learn the fundamentals of field hockey and get to try out their new skill in a fun game or drill! The players will split into appropriate age groups & experienced levels for the practice. To find out more about the clinic, click HERE!

Spring High School Clinic: (0 – 2 Seasons Experience!) This spring clinic is for HS athletes who are looking to take their game to a higher level! On Sundays beginning on March 24th, the players with practice for one hour on their skills. The players will focus on developing their skills and overall game tactics. Come out and keep your skills sharp! To find out more info, click HERE!

Spring Advanced HS Academy(3+ Seasons Required!) This clinic is for players in 9th – 12th grade with advanced skills and years of experience. We will be teaching the players more advanced skills and game play tactics. Come and challenge yourself, so you are ready for your Fall HS Season! To find out more about the Advanced HS Academy, click HERE!

All Year Round
Private Lessons: Are you looking for a 1 on 1 skill session? We offer private lessons with our experienced coaches to help you improve your skills. Breakdown those skills you may be having trouble with and have a coach analyze and help you work on them. If you are interested, please email Kelly Given, and to find out more click HERE!Evaluations: Koa FH is now offering evaluations to players who want to know where they stand compared to our different programs. Any field hockey player, whether you are new to Koa or you have been with Koa for a few seasons can register for an evaluation! To find out more information, click HERE!

Interested in any of these programs: Register Here!!


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Assistant Director of Field Hockey
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