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Field Hockey Blog #19.10

Facing Tryout Results…What Comes Next??

Blog #19.10


Results of Tryouts

What comes next after tryouts? First you hear the results, the good, the bad and the in between. As coaches, we wish that we could allow everyone to join a team! In the end, that is just not how it works. Sometimes, there are not enough coaches. In other cases, players just may not be ready for a competitive team yet.

Playing on a competitive team means that you are:
  • Knowledgeable in the rules of the game
  • Good foundation of the fundamental skills i.e. Pulls, dribbling, passing
  • Good sense of game awareness and positioning
  • Coachable and respect feedback from the coaches
  • Positive within the team on and off the field
  • Dedicated and work hard at every practice and game

These are just a few things that we look for in players who we think are ready for the next step and to play on one of the competitive teams!


NO ONE is perfect and we all need to continue to practice. Practice makes perfect!


Want to know what the coaches look for during tryouts? There are a few signs when players are not ready to play on a competitive team yet! As a player, you should want to play where your skills will flourish the most! You don’t want to place yourself in an environment or on a team where your skills will not progress, because you are too overwhelmed, not getting as much playing time and then start to lose your confidence. In the end, that will only hurt your skills and overall LOVE for the game!


A sign that you may not be ready for a competitive team:
  • A player does not know the basics rules of the game
  • Does not use any skills to get around players, but runs and plows right through them
  • Moves out of game position and has trouble understanding field awareness i.e:
    • Plays Midfield but is always in front of the Forwards
    • Stands close to players instead of spreading out
    • Steals balls from teammate because the player was too close to realize their teammate was on the ball
    • Or worse yet, steals the ball off of their teammate’s stick instead of running away to get a pass from their teammate
  • Stands up instead of staying low with their stick on the ground


All of these points can be improved! Everyone makes mistakes, but if the player is constantly doing these then you may need more practice before you are ready to play competitively.

If you receive the offer letter, celebrate but do not stop working hard! Just because you made the team, does not mean you are perfect. Every player has their strengths and weaknesses. Everyone needs to go to every practice and be 100% present for their coaches.


If you receive the unfortunate you did not make the team letter, please DO NOT stop playing! Let it light a fire within you that motivates you to challenge yourself to have a great season anyway! Make it a goal to come to the next tryout even more prepared and ready to make a team! If you want to know what you can improve on, ask a coach. Coaches are always happy to give you feedback because in the end, we want every player to shine and do their best!

The coaches also expect to see you at one of our other spring programs! We have many programs this spring to help improve your skills. Do not skip a season just because you did not make the team you wanted!! Take a day to yourself to reflect, and then move on, set a goal for the following tryouts and work hard every day and during the entire Spring season to accomplish that goal!


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Never give up and always strive to play your hardest!! We all have failures. It is what you do after them that determines what comes next for you!


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Facts of the Week!

Outdoor season is starting!! Do you remember all the differences from indoor to outdoor?! Here are some facts about the outdoor game that you need to remember!

#1. The number of players increases for outdoor! For a regulation game, there are 10 field players and 1 goalie on the field.

#2. Players may lift the ball!

#3. In front of the circle in indoor, you have to carry the ball 3 yards before entering the circle. In outdoor, the player has to carry the ball 5 yards before entering the circle.

#4. Players can use many more types of passing i.e. sweeps, lifts, slaps, drives and many more!

#5. The outdoor game is now played on Grass, Turf or Bermuda Grass!

#ItistimeforOutdoor #OntheField #OutdoorFacts

Rule of the Week 

Back of the Stick 

In Field Hockey, only one side of the stick may be used to play, the flat side! The ball can never touch the round side of the stick. Players need to watch out and make sure they keep the ball on the flat side, move their feet or use their reverse skills when playing the ball!

Signal: To indicate playing with the wrong side of the stick, the ref will hold their left arm out. With their right hand, they will point to the back of their left hand.


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