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Bring on the New Year with the Right Mindset as an Athlete 

Blog #19.1


Happy New Year Koa Families and Players!!!

Bring On 2019!!

The Mindset of an Athlete

According to the Webster Dictionary, an athlete is defined as a person who is trained or skilled in an exercise or sport that requires physical strength or stamina. What the dictionary forgets to mention is that not only do you need strength and precision to succeed, but you need heart, passion and a strong mindset. Great athletes do not play the game because they are forced to. They play because when they picked up the stick for the first time, dribbled a ball or scored a goal, a spark went off inside of them. Not only did they find something that made them feel strong, somewhere where they belonged; they found their place in all of the chaos of life.

If you want achieve greatness, you need to find that spark that led you to start playing in the first place. Hold onto that. Never let go of your passion for the sport. Set goals and conquer them. Strive for nothing less than 100% because if you don’t, you are selling yourself short.

Go into every practice, game or team meeting focused on field hockey. Leave everything else that distracts, annoys and angers you off on the sideline. Dedicate yourself to being the best athlete you can be. Do it for yourself, for your team and everything you love and believe in.

Possessing the mindset of an athlete is all about digging deep inside and telling yourself that you can do it. Let’s be honest, the majority of the time having a strong mindset means that you repeat cheesy inspirational sayings in your head to keep you going. The moment you stop believing in yourself is the moment you lose sight of what is truly important.

As the new year rolls in, make this year a great one! Challenge yourself to be the best you, you can be! New Year, New You!

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Video of the Week

Coach Jules demonstrating a quick and easy indoor stick work drill!

Rule of the Week 

Free Push 

A free push is awarded after a penalty has occurred.

A free push is taken close to where the foul occurred to ensure that there is no advantage gained by the position of the free push.

To properly complete a free push, first a player must stop the ball from moving. All players surrounding the ball must be 3 meters away from the ball. The ball is then pushed by the player. If the free push was awarded to the attacking team outside the circle, the player must travel 3 meters before entering the circle.

The ref will indicate the direction of the free push with one arm extended out in the direction.


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Winter Clinics: K – 12th Grade Starting January 16th, at the clinic the players will learn the fundamentals of field hockey and get to try out their new skill in a fun game or drill! The players will split into appropriate age groups for the practice. To find out more about the clinic, click HERE!

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Starting in February!Winter Germantown Clinics: K – 12th Grade During the practice, the players will learn the fundamentals of field hockey and get to try out their new skill in a fun game or drill! The players will split into appropriate age groups for the practice. To find out more about the clinic, click HERE!

All Year Round

Private Lessons: Are you looking for a 1 on 1 skill session? We offer private lessons with our experienced coaches to help you improve your skills. Breakdown those skills you may be having trouble with and have a coach analyze and help you work on them. If you are interested, please email Kelly Given, and to find out more click HERE!Evaluations: Koa FH is now offering evaluations to players who want to know where they stand compared to our different programs. Any field hockey player, whether you are new to Koa or you have been with Koa for a few seasons can register for an evaluation! To find out more information, click HERE!

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