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COVID-compliant kids camps

Socially Distanced Kids Camps

Summer is right around the corner and that means Maryland parents will be looking for the best options when it comes to summer camps for their kids. In addition to all the usual requirements parents look for in camps, the COVID-19 pandemic means that parents will also be focused on socially distanced kids camps to ensure their child is safe. Koa Sports provides all of that.

Social Distancing Guidelines

At Koa Sports, we’ve implemented a wide array of guidelines that everyone – from employees to campers – is required to adhere to. These guidelines have been ordered by the Secretary of the Maryland Department of Health.

Parents can rest assured that all of our outdoor day camps will have preventive and mitigation rules in place to keep your child as safe as possible. All staff will be thoroughly trained in all COVID-19 safety precautions. All campers and staff will be required to wear masks and practice the six-foot social distancing rules. If a staff member or camper is ill, they will not be allowed to attend the camp. Each day, when staff and campers arrive, we will be checking their temperature and screening them for any COVID-19 symptoms.

Since many people travel during the summer, Koa Sports will also have stringent rules in place for the return of any camper or staff who has traveled. If the state they have traveled to has a COVID rate of more than 10 percent, they will be required to quarantine and receive a negative COVID-19 test before they will be allowed to attend any of our socially distanced kids camps.

We will be breaking campers up into groups, with each group limited to no more than 10 people. This limit includes any adult staff. Each group will stay in their own “pod,” with no mixing with other groups. We will have designated and separate times for each group for drop-off and pickup, bathroom breaks, and mealtimes. Field trips will also only involve each group of 10 at a time. Social distancing will be adhered to at all times. All of our sports equipment will be sanitized after each use. If for some reason the equipment is unable to be sanitized, we will not use it.

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At Koa Sports, our goal is to provide kids with the tools to develop their full potential as both a person and an athlete, but we want to make sure we do that in the safest way possible. As you are researching socially distanced kids camps for your child’s summer, give us a call and find out all the programs we offer. It could be your kid’s best summer yet!