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COVID-Compliant Flag Football Camp

COVID-Compliant Flag Football Camp

COVID-Compliant Flag Football Camp


At Koa Sports, our COVID-compliant flag football camp promotes behaviors that help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Our team is dedicated to the safety of your children, and understand that you may be hesitant to get them involved in sports. However, as the CDC has learned more about this virus, the more empowered people feel in knowing how to protect themselves and their loved ones. Rest assured we have implemented various strategies to help reduce the chances of spreading COVID-19 to players and their families. 

Educating Staff and Players

Our staff has received training on how to protect players from getting the coronavirus. We may also make suggestions on whether players should stay home and if it is okay for them to return to camp. We encourage staff to not come into work if they are feeling ill, and any camp-goers that show symptoms of illness are to be picked up by their parents as soon as possible.

We want to set a precedent here at Koa Sports that staff, campers, and parents should have the choice to stay home without fear of reprisal. Anyone who has tested positive or been in close contact with someone with coronavirus must remain home and monitor their health.

Frequent Hand Washing and Safety Practices

Handwashing with soap and water for no less than twenty seconds is helpful in warding off the spread of COVID-19. We have several hand washing stations for players to clean up before, during, and after the games. When soap and water is not available, we have hand sanitizing stations for use. We take safety and health seriously, and it is the top priority at our flag football COVID-compliant camp.

We encourage staff, players, and parents to practice respiratory etiquette, where they cover their sneezes and coughs with a tissue or the inner side of the elbow. Used tissues are to be tossed out right away and hands washed immediately before touching surfaces or objects. 

Promoting a Positive Culture of Mask-Wearing

We know that wearing masks can be uncomfortable. But we want to create a culture among everyone involved at our camp to wear masks and kindly hold others accountable. Masks are to protect the spread of COVID-19 and are mandatory for all players, coaches, and parents when visiting Koa Sports. We are happy to share information on the proper use and washing of masks to yield optimal protection. Masks must cover both the nose and mouth, and it is advised that people limit how often they touch their face and mask. We hope that you and your children feel safe and find relief in how seriously we are watching out for everyone’s health during this time. One day we will be able to enjoy camps and other activities without the use of masks, but until then, wellness is our primary focus. 

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