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COVID-Compliant Basketball Camp

COVID-Compliant Basketball Camp

COVID-Compliant basketball campWhen choosing your child’s recreational activities, it will be essential to select a COVID-Compliant basketball camp that you and your child will be safe at and satisfied with. When choosing a basketball camp, our team knows that you will have several options available to you, and there will be many things to look for when selecting an area camp. Camps offer a vast number of benefits, and you will want your child to access the social benefits and the drills and practices necessary to build skills. Also, we know that you will undoubtedly be weighing your options in terms of what is right for you and your family during a global pandemic. We have new COVID regulations in place to mitigate risk and ensure safety. When you choose basketball camps available at Koa Sports, your child will experience skill-building in the safest environment possible. 

What to Look for When Choosing a Basketball Camp

Choosing a basketball camp can feel like a menial task. However, to ensure that your child receives coaching that builds on your child’s strengths in a positive setting, parents need to do their research. Here are some things to consider when choosing an area basketball camp:

We know that you have options when it comes to choosing a basketball camp that is COVID-Compliant. However, you will find that through word of mouth, internet reviews, and scouring our website, you will choose our facility to help your child build their athletic abilities. 

Why We Have New Rules and Guidelines

Our team aims to provide athletic camps that help to hone in on skills and support socialization in the safest way possible. Our guidelines are in place to ensure that children engaged in our programming can enjoy physical activity and training with as little risk to COVID as possible. While building your child’s athletic capabilities is one of our top priorities, ensuring their safety is even a higher priority. We are dedicated to keeping our facilities open so that our kids can thrive in the athletic settings we provide. Adhering to COVID recommendations for youth and summer camps and sports activities is imperative to provide such services. 

Koa Sports is an award-winning facility providing youth camps and athletic programs to Maryland children. During these challenging times, we follow CDC guidelines and put our creative thinking to the test. We have created the opportunity to develop your own pod by forming a group of trusted individuals to stay active while also enhancing skills. To learn more, or to register for our programs such as our COVID-Compliant basketball camps, contact our facility at your earliest convenience.