Koa Sports


Coach: Tyrone Beaman

What does Shaping Kids Lives Through Sports mean to you?
“Means a lot growing from the inner city and being 1 of 9 siblings without my experience in sports I would not be in the position that I am today. Shaping kid’s lives through sports are huge because it teaches them so much. When being part of a team and working together as a unit, you will go through the highs and low. Life is the same way you will have some good days and some bad. Knowing how to handle each will help you in life. To me shaping youths’ lives around teamwork, working together, being accountable and learning how to accept defeat and success will help kids later in life. It sure did help me and I love giving what I know and remember about sports.”

Playing Experience:
Tyrone is a former professional and Divison I basketball player.

Coaching/Mentor Experience:
Tyrone has over 23 years of progressive coaching and training experience including head coaching and assistant roles at the professional, college, AAU, and international club levels. He has an extensive coaching career holding assistant coaching roles at Cornell University, UNC, VCU, University of Alabama, Washington Mystics (WNBA) and the Milwaukee Bucks. As well as having head coaching experience for the Los Marinos De Oriente – Venezuela.

Season Started with Koa Sports: 
Fall 2019