Koa Sports


Name: Sally Curtiss

What does Shaping Kids’ Lives Through Sports mean to you?:
Now more than ever, sports are important for kids to get outside. As we are locked indoors with the virus, it is important for kids to get an outlet and interact with each other off the internet. While we can’t be with our kids all the time, as coaches it’s not only important to coach our players through the sport but coach them through life. It can provide structure in some very uncertain times.

Playing Experience:
Washington and Lee University Varsity FH 4 years
Madison High School NJ 4 years

Coaching Experience:
Koa 1.5 years
Lacrosse in VA 4 years

Season Started with Koa Sports: Fall 2019

Off the Field Interests: hanging out with my dog Baloo, hiking, reading, watching movies