Koa Sports


What does Shaping Kids’ Lives Through Sports mean to you?:
“As a teacher, I love hearing my students say to me, ‘my coach told me I have to do well in school in order to do well in sports’. Kids love sports, they will do anything to make a team and remain on that team. Kids these days need extra support outside of home and school. Sports teach kids teamwork, adopting to changes, how to get along with everyone in a competitive way, and the importance of winning and losing. In some cases, sports are all these kids have. Sports can and will inspire many kids to succeed in their life goals.”

Playing Experience: 
Growing up coach Jesse played middle school and pick up football games. He enjoyed going to the basketball courts to play ball there. His most consistent sport was baseball; he played for 10 years all the way through middle school. While he was in high school and college, he played a substantial amount of intramural baseball games.

Coaching/Mentor Experience: 
Coach Jesse has been a 4th grade teacher for the last seven years. During his time there, he has coached two seasons of girls’ basketball and won a championship. He has also been coaching baseball at Koa for the last year.

Season Started with Koa Sports: 
Fall 2018

Off Field Interests: 
Philadelphia sports teams
Spending time with his wife
Hanging out with friends