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Coaches Just Want to Have Fun

Good morning and I hope you are catching my second edition of my Monday morning blog! I spend every weekend on a field watching young Koa athletes compete, and play sports. Observing the events and seeing the “final product” is no doubt the best and most rewarding part of the job. All the hard work that goes into the scheduling, coach training, uniform ordering, etc…usually goes unnoticed. If something does get mentioned to our management team, it’s usually something we could be doing better, or a schedule/uniform issue. Today I wanted to talk about how and when the Koa coaching staff can lace up their shoes and get after some competition.

Every Monday night 9 pm at Whitman HS we play pick-up basketball as a staff. This is a great touch point for me to check in with coaches, get some exercise, and really get to know the coaches. There’s an interesting dynamic on the court, some of the guys are over 6’3 and played basketball in college, while other are just out to sweat out the seeds they chewed from the weekend of baseball. The Monday game at Whitman is open to all Koa coaches, however, we put a team in the Wednesday night Montgomery County Tilden League. When you put a ref in play, things are completely different! The Wednesday night team is by invitation ONLY, and Koa staff members needs to prove their merit on the court to be invited to play with this group.

The fall 2012 season (before I turned 30), our first season competing we lost our first game, then went on to roll 8 straight games to win the championship! It was an exciting win by 6 points, and it was close throughout. The winter 2013 yielded a heart breaking loss in the championship, and so far this fall we are 0-1. I’m confidence the Koa coaches will rally and prove we “still got it” and if you ever want to check out a game we’ll share the schedule with you!