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Basketball is one of the most mentally, physically, and emotionally draining sports on the planet, and basketball training Rockville citizens have been looking for has lacked a program that builds players’ skills of all levels - until now, at least. Koa Sports, the premier sports agency in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area has a program list dedicated to providing the best coaching for players ages K-12. Our network of proven coaches and programs is certain to be the best basketball training Rockville has seen for some time.

Today, we’ll be talking about why it’s important for the best basketball players to have a mix of strength, conditioning, and mental skills.

Strength and Conditioning

Basketball players are constantly moving around, shuffling up and down the court, sinking shots, and playing good defense. The best basketball players are the ones that are the most fit and can stay on the court the longest.

Having strong leg muscles is essential for you to shoot a jump shot over your opponent or the get the much needed explosiveness for the layup after a steal. To strengthen your leg muscles, do squats, lunges, jumps, calf raises, and sprints. This will help with your balance, speed, and side to side motion.

Additionally, being in good physical shape will help you prevent injury. You’ll be able to stay on the court longer, and perform at a higher level. It’s very important to stretch before your games, too.

Koa Sports has basketball training Rockville trusts to help get you into the peak physical condition to be at the top of your game.

Mental Conditioning

Mental conditioning is something that most programs in basketball training Rockville residents need don’t focus on. In fact, it’s generally not focused on until you get to the collegiate level. That’s what separates Koa Sports’ basketball programs from the rest. We know that with an emphasis on strengthening the mind, you will be one step ahead of your opponents.

Being mentally tough will help you get through the tough games. Mental conditioning is what will enable you to be present in the game you are playing – it will give you an intense level of focus that your competitor simply will not have. When you have this ability to be present in the game you are playing, you can better visualize potential scenarios and make better decisions.

About Koa Sports

Koa Sports was founded by Tony Korson, who started out by teaching pitching to a group a neighborhood baseball players. Tony grew up in the DMV area and was an all star lefty at Walt Whitman High School before going off to play in college. After coming back and getting into coaching, he recognized a serious need in the DMV area for a better sports agency. Of course, starting an incredible basketball training Rockville residents could rely on was part of that plan. He started Koa with the mission of “shaping kids lives through sports,” and he hasn’t slowed down since. Koa lives by the following principles: Positive, Dedicated, Team-First, and Fun.


Are you ready to take your basketball playing to the next level and get involved with the best basketball training Rockville has to offer? Check us out at koasports.org or give us a call at (301) 229-PLAY.