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Hello, current and future Koa basketball prep school 13th grade athletes! We’re here today to talk about a very important aspect of every developing player’s game: passing. At Koa, we believe passing is sort of the unsung hero. Being a great passer will enable you to be irreplaceable on the court and your teammates will value you as a player. In a previous blog post, we talked about why passing is such an important skill. Here are the top 4 reasons:

-It’s not glamorous, but it creates opportunity.
-It develops teamwork and communication skills.
-Most people don’t focus on it.
-It can make up for other weaknesses.

Now that we understand why passing is an important aspect of everyone’s game, we’ll be going into the different types of passes we’ll teach you in our basketball prep school 13th grade programs.

Types of Passes

-Chest Pass – A chest pass is the most basic and fastest way to move the ball around the court. To do a chest pass, grab the ball on either side and place your thumbs directly behind the ball. Aim for your teammate’s chest and thrust outward with your thumbs turned down. A chest pass is generally used when there is an opening on the court or it is unlikely that the ball will be stolen.
-Bounce Pass – A bounce pass is a hard to defend, but very accurate way to get the ball around the court. Like the chest pass, we practice the bounce pass with our basketball prep school 13th grade players. The ball will come from a low angle to your teammate, so try to throw the ball only ¾ of the way before it hits the ground so your teammate has time to react.
-Overhead Pass – The overhead pass is sometime referred to as the “outlet pass.” It is done by bringing the ball over your head with both hands, putting your weight forward, and releasing. When throwing, aim for your teammate’s chin and let it rip. If you throw it too high, it could get stolen; too low, and your teammate might not have enough time to react. One example of when an overhead pass is used is when getting a defensive rebound. The power forward or center typically will grab the rebound and look down court for a small forward or point guard. Once spotted, the power forward or center throws the ball down and the offense gets going.
-Baseball Pass – The baseball pass is just what it sounds like. Using the same motion as a baseball toss, lead your teammate and hit him/her in stride to drive towards the basket. We typically only teach this pass to our basketball prep school 13th grade players as it can injure younger athletes.
-Dribble Pass – A quick pass mid-dribble that gets that ball to a teammate. It’s always a bounce pass or air pass.

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