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Basketball Lessons Chevy Chase MD

Koa Sports offers basketball lessons Chevy Chase MD kids are excited about for their specialized instruction. If your child is interested in improving his game, this is a great opportunity for him to focus on the skills he would like to strengthen. In season or during the off-season — we offer basketball lessons in Chevy Chase MD for kids of all ages.

Lesson Formats to Suit Your Child

When it comes to the best way to teach basketball lessons Chevy Chase MD young athletes each have their own preferred style to learn. At Koa Sports, our instructors understand that. We offer the following options, any or all of which your child can enroll in for basketball instruction:

30-minute individual sessions: If there are particular areas that your child is having difficulty with, or if he would like to develop a skill that shows promise, individual sessions are a great choice. A half-hour session reduces the risk of overexertion and can be less demanding than longer sessions.

60-minute small groups: Your child can work on improving his skills in the context of playing with others. Because basketball is a team sport, your child may benefit from getting lessons in a group setting with other players.

One-on-one hourly sessions: This is a great option for children who prefer longer, more concentrated instruction without the distraction of other players. This also enables the player to work on more than one area or skill during the allotted time. Talk to one of our instructors to find out more about hourly sessions for personalized basketball lessons Chevy Chase MD players benefit from.

Additional Benefits

When it comes to basketball lessons Chevy Chase MD families are not always aware of the many additional benefits they offer. Here are just a few:

Coordination and balance. The game of basketball emphasizes quick moves which require a large assortment of skills. These skills are easily transferable to other areas of daily life and can minimize the risk of injury.

Endurance. Basketball offers players the opportunity to increase their cardiovascular system due to its physical intensity. When youngsters participate in cardio workouts, it can help their growing bodies increase in strength. Our instructors use a balanced mix of high intensity running, dribbling, and other movements with periods of rest. This combination is known as interval training. By increasing the child’s aerobic capacity, it also increases their energy level and metabolism rate. As a result, many of our basketball students find they can more easily concentrate in the classroom during their school day.

Social skills. Because basketball is a team sport, it naturally affords kids opportunities to socialize with their fellow players. Many students make new friends every year as well as continue friendships formed in previous years. Good sportsmanship is also stressed at Koa Sports and this can be beneficial from a character-building standpoint. Teamwork, communication, and discipline are all positive byproducts of learning the sport of basketball.

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To speak with one of our staff members about the Chevy Chase basketball lessons we offer, call us at (301) 229-7529. Count on Koa Sports for basketball lessons Chevy Chase MD children of all ages benefit from and enjoy.