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Are you interested in finding baseball lessons Kensington MD moms and dads turn to for their baseball players? Koa Sports has the answer! Koa has been offering leagues and instruction to thousands of baseball players in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area for more than 10 years. We offer indoor lessons at our facility, as well as outdoor lessons on a field. Here is some important information for you:

About Koa Sports:

Koa Sports was founded by Tony Korson. Tony hires and recruits top-notch baseball talent — all of whom have played at a high level, including college and professional leagues. Koa has both recreational and travel teams, beginning at kindergarten levels up through summer college teams. We are a feeder program for most of the high schools in the Washington Metropolitan area. Our coaches will help your player get to the next level.

Pitching Lessons

If you’re looking for pitching lessons for your athlete, then Koa can help. In order to increase velocity and accuracy, you must have the right mechanics. Footwork, balance, and technique all play an important role. It is also important to note that important mechanics help reduce injury. When you are looking for pitching and other baseball lessons Kensington MD can provide, Koa has the answer.

Hitting Lessons

Hitting a baseball is one of the most difficult things about this sport. With just a few tenths of a second to make a decision in a game, an athlete can only get better with practice and proper instruction. Our hitting drills, coupled with our indoor facility and batting cages, are the perfect solution. Our drills, front and rear toss, and wiffle ball exercises all help improve skills.

Fielding Lessons

Glove work is essential for all baseball players. Learning the basics of how to “look the ball into the glove,” or the intricacies of proper footwork on turning a double play, are critical at any level. At Koa Sports, our instructors help your athlete reach his or her potential for all aspects of fielding.

Footwork Lessons

Footwork is essential for any position in baseball: catcher, pitcher, middle infield, corners, and the outfield. At Koa, we believe that proper instruction for any aspect of the game requires a focus on footwork. Our balance drills and other techniques will help your athlete rise to the next level.

Thank you for considering Koa Sports. Like other Kensington moms and dads looking for baseball lessons Kensington MD offers, we hope Koa will be on your list. Please call or email us today for more information!