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If you are looking for the top in programs and baseball lessons Gaithersburg MD families are speaking highly of, Koa Sports can meet your needs for youth of all ages and levels. We have some of the best coaches and staff that can be found in the area- and a brand new, state-of-the-art indoor training facility. Whether you are looking for a baseball league, a travel baseball team, baseball clinics, baseball camp, small group or private lessons, we have all things baseball at Koa. From the youngest beginning players to high school students who are going on to play college baseball, we offer a variety of programs to suit every family’s needs. You know that you are getting the best baseball lessons Gaithersburg MD players are raving about, when you get them from top-notch Koa coaches.

The doors to our brand new facility opened in January 2017. Our state-of-the-art facility is far from the dirt lot that your grandpa played stickball on. It has two batting cages complete with turf pitching lanes, a full-sized basketball court and additional training hoops, a sport-court for indoor field hockey games, and more.

While the founding member of Koa Sports, Tony Korson, started the nonprofit because of his love for baseball, the organization has grown a hundredfold since then. This passion is present on each and every Koa baseball diamond and in our dedicated coaches and staff. If you are looking for a wonderful place for your child to experience some of the best baseball lessons Gaithersburg MD has to offer, contact our friendly Koa staff today. They can answer all your baseball lesson questions and guide you through our different programs to help you pick the one that is best suited to your young player.

Just a Few of Our Great Programs

For the youngest t-ballers to older teens, we have a variety of programs to suit your player’s needs.

Baseball Clinics 

Our open-registration clinics are great for new and returning players looking to develop their baseball skills. This skill based program offers an introductory pitching program that features real machine pitching. We put a large emphasis on fun while teaching new skills, fostering social skills, and hope to create a greater appreciation for this All-American pastime.

Bethesda Area Baseball League (BABL) 

3rd-8th Grades
Koa BABL is a safe, fun, and informative “in-house” league where advanced players in this age range can tryout and be drafted to a team. This program gives athletes the opportunity to forge friendships and bond with teammates, and to explore the finer points of baseball in a competitive local environment.

Travel Baseball

9U-HS Varsity
Travel baseball players practice twice a week, play weekend doubleheaders and work closely with their coaches to maximize their potential. They take the sport seriously but know how to have fun both on and off the field.

For more details and information on many more programs and camps that Koa Sports has to offer, contact one of our friendly staff members. It does not matter whether your child is a beginning or advanced player or someplace in between- for some of the best baseball lessons Gaithersburg MD has to offer, call us at Koa Sports today.