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If you have a child interested in baseball, Koa Sports offers some of the best baseball lessons Bethesda MD youth can’t seem to get enough of. From the smallest t-ball tots, to the young men who are training to play college baseball, Koa Sports offers a variety of programs for different ages, levels of playing, and the amount of time a family has to support their player’s schedule. From vacation sports camps to focused baseball clinics, leagues, travel teams, and private lessons, Koa can meet all your young baseball enthusiast’s needs.

Our New Facility

Koa Sports’ brand new indoor training facility has improved on the already excellent baseball lessons Bethesda MD families feel lucky to have in their community. Opened at the beginning of 2017, our luxurious new facility has two batting cages with turf pitching lanes, a sport-court for indoor field sports, and a full-sized basketball court with additional training hoops.

We use our new accommodations for leagues, clinics, practices, and private and small group lessons, with our highly trained staff of professional coaches.

The face of America’s favorite past-time has grown up since the days when kids used to dream of making it to the big leagues while listening to a radio announcer describe their favorite players’ moves. From the vacant lots of America’s young cities to the fields at the edges of suburbs and out in the countryside, our facility looks nothing like what great players such as Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig grew up playing on- but the passion and sheer love of the sport on our fields is the same. To find out more about baseball lessons Bethesda MD kids’ love and are passionate about, call our friendly staff at Koa Sports today.

Koa Community

Tony Korson started Koa Sports after coaching a neighborhood team because of his love for the game, his knowledge of the many positive benefits playing team sports have on kids and their development- and his realization that more opportunities for kids and sports were needed in his community. We take pride in being more than just a non-profit sports organization- we are community members helping to make our community a better place where more people feel connected to one another. For a whole-child approach to baseball where we see being on a team as being much more than just practices and games, contact Koa Sports for more information on programs and baseball lessons Bethesda MD community members feel lucky to be a part of.

Our Mission: The Tao of Koa

Koa is committed to Shaping Kids’ Lives Through Sports. We take our responsibility as community organizers to heart and know that our role in it must be executed by us with the highest of standards.

In order to develop each child to his or her full potential as an athlete and a person, we are organized around these tenets:

We only employ trained and dedicated professional coaches and instructors who operate under the supervision and management of our full time professional staff.

We are focused on providing a positive community for our young athletes and their families.

We use sports as a vehicle to teach life lessons like hard work, self-discipline, sportsmanship, and coping with adversity.

We know that our idea of Shaping Kids’ Lives Through Sports does not mean that all of our athletes will go on to play professional, college, or even high school baseball. We see the opportunity for ALL kids to have fun with us while developing in the sport of their choice because by doing this, ultimately- they are developing and learning the skills needed to be successful in the game of life. To become a part of our fun, professional, and caring community, talk to Koa Sports today about starting some of the best baseball lessons Bethesda MD friends and families are proud to have in their neighborhood.