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Around the Horn June 1st

Koa’s BABL league was pleased to announce All-Stars from both the NL and AL Leagues this past weekend who competed in two head to head Memorial Day showdowns! See below for our travel and BABL score updates.


Koa Travel W/L
10U 10-5-2
11U 12-3
12U 6-8-1
13U West 3-5
13U East 7-8
14U 2-7-1

BABL NL All-Star Game MVP

Andrew D.
Andrew hit a home run and played great defense to earn the BABL NL All-Star Game MVP. Congrats Andrew!

BABL AL All-Star Game MVP

Ibrahim S.
Ibrahim dominated the BABL AL All-Star game with a monster triple, a double, and a scoreless inning on the mound. Congrats Ibrahim!
NL Standings W/L AL Standings W/L
Homers 5-0 Curveballs 5-0
Mashers 5-1-1 Fastballs 4-1
Bombers 3-2 Splitters 4-3-1
Sluggers 2-3 Changeups 2-2-1
Launchers 1-3-1 Sliders 3-4
Crushers 1-6 Screwballs 0-5
AAA Standings W/L
Slammers 4-3
Dingers 2-5

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