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3 on 3 Spring League

3 on 3 League

This 3 on 3 league will meet for 30 minutes once a week.  It’s a boy’s league however girls are welcome to play.  Each team is allowed 4 players on the roster for 3 on 3 competition.  This fun, fast paced game is now an Olympic sport and as seen on TV with the Big 3 League.  This sport is growing, and a great way to exercise in a low stress environment.  Keep an eye out to see if there’s a 4 point shot!

Click here to view our official 3 on 3 league rules!

League highlights:
  • two 8-minute halves (stopped clock on free throws and dead balls)
  • scoreboard & time keeper
  • olympic rules
  • referees
  • league champion for each age group

Grades- 3rd-8th

Level- Any

Practice- Teams will get 5 minutes to warm up prior to games, there are no team practices with this program.

Game Dates– 4/19-5/17 (4 Sunday games + playoffs)

Game Times- 1-3 pm (games last ~30 minutes and will be during the 1-3 pm window)

Cost- $99 p/athlete, if you have a full-team they must register induvidually (there is a place to request teammates!)

Location- All games are at Koa HQ

Ready to get started? Click the link below select “Basketball – Spring 3 on 3 League”

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Questions? Email tony@koasports.org

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